SMB Professional Services Ltd

SMB Team

UK Financial Specialists

  • Christopher Arkell (Director: M.A, A.I.F.A, F.T.C.A, F.R.S.A.) tax specialist
  • Michael Sampson (Head of Audit: F.C.A.) audit and international accounting standards specialist
  • Ted Goater (Senior Accounting and Tax consultant: F.C.A.) small and medium company accounts specialist
  • Marina Wright (Interpreter: A.I.I.C, M.I.T.I.) Russian interpreter
  • Helen Young (Accountant: A.A.T.) Chinese accountancy advice

Non-executive directors

  • Richard Oliphant of That Ilk, company law and regulation specialist
  • Natasha Zhigalina, Russian speaker
  • Simon Wilson, international affairs specialist
Cyprus subsidiary
  • Dr. Evros I. Demetriades, company administration and financing specialist
Hong Kong subsidiary
  • Kenny Wang, local business specialist
  • Desmond Ho, local business specialist

Representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan

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